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Fulton Community Channel  the Public  Access operation for Fulton County operates from  the Southwest Arts Center at 915 New Hope Road. For more information on the County's Public Access Channel please contact the Cable Franchise Office 404-612-6456.

Comcast and AT&T Uverse is available in North and South Fulton County. Go online to comcast.com or Uverse  to confirm the availability in your area.

The Mission of the Cable Franchise Division
The Mission of the Cable Franchise Division is two-fold. The components of the mission are:
  • To ensure that Comcast legally complies with all of the provisions of the Cable Franchise Agreement and To ensure that Comcast meets the needs of its subscribers in Unincorporated Fulton County by answering questions regarding the Franchise Agreement or cable TV service, and to assist those same subscribers with unresolved problems or complaints with their Comcast cable service.

Some facts about the Cable Franchise Division of Fulton County Government
If you are a resident of Unincorporated Fulton County and receive cable TV service from Comcast Corporation, formerly known as AT&T Broadband, the Cable Franchise Division is here to serve you.

The relationship between the Fulton County and Comcast

Whenever a cable company wants to build a cable system and provide cable service, in our case the unincorporated areas of Fulton County. That company must agree to certain standards set forth by the local government. Those standards are found in the Cable Franchise Agreement, a contract which sets forth what is expected of the cable company and the local government before building its cable system. These agreements are generally renewed every 12-15 years. Fulton County amended its agreement with Comcast in 2011.

Fulton County has an amended  Cable Franchise Agreements with Comcast, serving the southern unincorporated areas of the County and expire in 2016.

In exchange for using the County rights of way, the cable company agrees to a number of provisions, all contained in the Cable Franchise Agreement.

Some of those provisions of the Amended agreement are:

  • Payment of Franchise and PEG Fees
  • Public Access, Education and Government (PEG) Channels
  • Federal Customer Service Standards

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